Jon Tester

After Donald Trump won Montana by over twenty percentage points, Washington insiders and handicappers called Senator Jon Tester “one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country.”  Through a series of extensive qualitative and quantitative research, we developed an innovative, comprehensive campaign to both boost Tester and brand his opponent, Matt Rosendale.  We bolstered Tester’s record as a straight-talking Montanan, through and through, willing to take on politics as usual.  Thereafter, through real-life Montana ranchers, veterans, and even a look-alike actor, we exposed “Maryland” Matt Rosendale as the fraud he is.  Our television and digital advertising used a mix of creativity, authenticity, and humor in revealing Rosendale’s record of hiking insurance rates on Montanans, while pretending to be a rancher.  Our advertisement “All Hat, No Cattle” even reverberated across local Montana print, radio, and television news, putting Rosendale on the defensive and helping Tester overcome the odds to win. 

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